Tein Jack-Rich: The Leader Nigeria Needs Right Now


In the pursuit of a visionary leader to guide Nigeria towards a prosperous and secure future, Tein Jack-Rich emerges as an exemplary candidate. Born on January 28, 1975, into a humble family in Rivers State, Nigeria, his life journey has been marked by resilience, determination, and a profound commitment to serving society. At the tender age of ten, tragedy struck as he lost both parents, thrusting upon him the responsibility of becoming a man and navigating life’s challenges with only the guidance of God Almighty.

Despite facing adversity, Tein Jack-Rich channeled his indomitable spirit and entrepreneurial zeal into building a remarkable career. In 1998, at the age of 23, he founded J+G Global Gas & Oilfield Limited and several other subsidiaries dedicated to providing oil and gas-related services. Today, he proudly stands as the President/Founder of Belemaoil Producing Limited, the first indigenous oil Exploration and Production Company in Nigeria that emerged from an oil-producing community in the heart of the Niger Delta.

However, it is not just his remarkable achievements in the business world that make Tein Jack-Rich the leader Nigeria needs right now. His philanthropic endeavors, driven by his core values of giving back to society, showcase his compassionate and caring nature. Through his Foundation, he has bestowed hundreds of scholarships upon students from various countries, enabling them to pursue their dreams of higher education. These students have graduated from esteemed institutions worldwide, including Canada, Ghana, Ukraine, the UK, the USA, Malaysia, Nigeria, North Cyprus, and the Philippines.

Additionally, Tein Jack-Rich has been actively involved in uplifting communities by providing them with access to clean and portable drinking water. His initiatives have not only transformed lives but also created employment opportunities for over 3,000 Nigerian youths. With ambitious plans to employ 12,000 youths as ambassadors of wealth creation throughout Nigeria, his dedication to youth empowerment underscores his commitment to a prosperous future for the nation.

Educationally, Jack-Rich’s accomplishments are equally impressive. Having studied Petroleum Production Technology at Panola College in Carthage, Texas, USA, he pursued Business Administration at the University of Wales and Business Management at Usam University. His thirst for knowledge has earned him numerous Fellowship and Doctorate awards both within and outside Nigeria, further exemplifying his commitment to continuous learning and personal growth.

Moreover, Tein Jack-Rich’s contributions to humanitarian efforts have not gone unnoticed. In recognition of his concerted endeavors to address the issue of potable water in the Daura Community of Katsina State and beyond, he was honored with the title of Sarkin Ruwan Hausa (the Water Provider) by the Daura Emirate. This title reflects his significant impact and dedication to alleviating the water crisis in the region and stands as a testament to his compassionate leadership.

As a multidimensional strategic thinker, motivator, and firm believer in the potential of a Greater Nigeria, Tein Jack-Rich embodies the qualities required to steer the nation towards a brighter future. He serves as a role model to Nigerian youths, inspiring them to embrace resilience and determination in the face of challenges. Moreover, the support and partnership with his amiable wife, Dr. Mrs. Elizabeth Jack-Rich, demonstrate the strength of their united vision for the nation.

Tein Jack-Rich’s life journey and accomplishments make him the leader Nigeria needs at this crucial juncture. With a proven track record of success in the business world, philanthropy, and community development, his vision extends beyond personal achievements to encompass the well-being and progress of the entire nation. A leader with a compassionate heart, strategic mind, and dedication to empowering the youth, Tein Jack-Rich’s leadership promises to usher Nigeria into a brighter and more prosperous era.

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