SAP S4 HANA vs Oracle Cloud

SAP S4 HANA vs Oracle Cloud


SAP S4 HANA and Oracle Cloud ERP are two outstanding ERP solutions in the market. Both ERP platforms are highly versatile and come with many amazing features. Moreover, these solutions make it quite easy for companies to manage their resources. But which ERP solution HANA or Cloud is superior to the other? So, to find out the answer to this complex question today we are going to learn about S4 HANA and Oracle Cloud ERP in-depth.

Here are all the things you must know about these outstanding ERP software/solutions.

What Is S4 HANA?

It is one of the top-notch and extremely reliable ERP solutions in the market. Moreover, SAP S4 HANA also have a very big market share. This is primarily because of the features and benefits that it offers to customers. For instance, it comes with SAP Fiori which provides an incredible UX to HANA users. Apart from this, it also features many fantastic tools that help a firm improve its performance and enhance its productivity. So, if you are searching for a reliable and efficient ERP solution then S4 HANA is ideal for you. To learn about HANA and its amazing features in detail feel free to join our SAP S4 HANA Course.


Following are some of the major/key features of S4 HANA:

  • It can easily adapt to the increasing ERP needs of a company
  • It comes with SAP Fiori which provides great UX to users
  • You can modify/customize HANA as per your preference
  • The ERP solution comes with real-time analytics capability

What Is Oracle Cloud ERP?

Basically, it is an outstanding cloud-based ERP solution. The software allows users to manage their enterprise functions efficiently. For instance, with its help you can manage your enterprise functions like financial management, procurements, etc. very easily. Apart from this, Oracle Cloud comes with a simple UI. This makes working with the ERP software quite easy. Especially, if you are new to working with this robust ERP solution of Oracle. So, if you also want to easily manage your organization’s functions then do consider using Oracle Cloud ERP in it. You will not regret using this fantastic ERP solution from Oracle in your organization.


Following are some of the major features of Oracle Cloud:

  • Oracle Cloud ERP is quite an easy-to-use ERP solution
  • You don’t need to pay any upfront license fee for using the ERP solution
  • You can access the ERP platform from anywhere and anytime
  • Using it you can easily automate almost every manual process in your organization

SAP S4 HANA vs Oracle Cloud ERP

Following are some of the major/key differences between these two ERP solutions:

  • S4 HANA is perfect for large-cap companies. On the other hand, Oracle Cloud ERP is ideal for mid-cap companies.
  • Oracle Cloud ERP provide a lot of freedom and flexibility to users. For instance, you can easily customize the Cloud ERP solution. On the other hand, SAP S4 HANA doesn’t provide a lot of flexibility and freedom to its users.
  • You can deploy/set up Oracle Cloud ERP only on the cloud. On the other hand, you can deploy/set up HANA on-premise or on the cloud. To learn how to set up HANA on cloud feel free to join our SAP S4 HANA Certification program.
  • Oracle Cloud ERP is easy to adopt and use. On the other hand, the latter is a little difficult to use/adopt comparatively.
  • Oracle Cloud ERP comes with powerful data analytics capabilities. HANA also comes with great data analytics capabilities. But overall Oracle Cloud ERP comes with better data analytics capabilities.


Both HANA and Oracle cloud ERP are outstanding enterprise resource planning software. However, both solutions/platform have their own pros and cons. But overall, SAP S4 HANA appears to be a better option than Oracle Cloud ERP. It offers more robust features to its users. Besides this, it features SAP Fiori which provides incredible UX to users. Yes, you don’t get lots of customization options and freedom with it. However, it provides much better features and benefits to its users in comparison to Oracle Cloud ERP. So, if you have a choice then we suggest you use it instead of Oracle Cloud ERP. You, will not regret using it instead of Oracle Cloud ERP in your organization.

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