Pricing Policy for Selling Online Courses via “Learn A Skill” Marketplace


Thank you for considering selling your online course on “Learn A Skill” marketplace. This Pricing Policy explains how pricing works for courses sold on our website.


Course Pricing:


Instructors or tutors can set the price for their course, subject to approval by “Learn A Skill” marketplace. We recommend that you price your course competitively, taking into account the value it provides to students, the length of the course, and any similar courses available in the market.


Pricing Approval:


We reserve the right to approve or reject pricing for any course sold on our website. Our team will review the proposed price to ensure that it is appropriate and competitive, and that it provides value to students.


Revenue Split:


As an instructor or tutor, you will receive a percentage of the revenue generated by your course sales. The revenue split is as follows:


  • 75% to the instructor or tutor
  • 25% to “Learn A Skill” marketplace


Pricing Changes:


Instructors or tutors may request a change to the price of their course at any time. However, we reserve the right to approve or reject any pricing changes.


Promotions and Discounts:


“Learn A Skill” marketplace may offer promotions and discounts on courses from time to time. We will consult with instructors or tutors prior to offering discounts on their courses, and the discount will not affect their revenue share.




It is the responsibility of the instructor or tutor to pay any taxes or fees associated with the sale of their course. We will not withhold any taxes on your behalf.


Updates and Changes:


We may update this Pricing Policy from time to time. If we make any material changes, we will notify you by email or by posting a notice on our website.


Contact Us:


If you have any questions about this Pricing Policy or selling your course on our website, please contact us at