Nocturnal Animals Movie Review

The psychological thriller Nocturnal Animals keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The visuals in Nocturnal Animals are striking and haunting, immediately drawing you into the unsettling tone of the film.

A Tense Psychological Thriller: Nocturnal Animals Review

Directed by Tom Ford, the film focuses on Susan Morrow, an art gallery owner who receives a manuscript from her ex-husband Edward titled Nocturnal Animals.

As Susan reads the violent and disturbing story, she recalls her past relationship with Edward and the demise of their marriage. The story within the story follows a family on a road trip who encounter a gang of criminals in a remote part of West Texas.

The cineb film seamlessly weaves between Susan’s present reality and the fictional world of the novel, blurring the lines between imagination and truth. Amy Adams delivers a compelling performance as Susan, a woman haunted by the life she left behind. Jake Gyllenhaal plays both Edward and his novel’s protagonist with a quiet intensity.

Nocturnal Animals is a smart, stylish thriller that will keep you guessing until the final scene. The movie explores thought-provoking themes related to love, regret and revenge. If you’re looking for an engaging psychological thriller, Nocturnal Animals delivers a tense, suspenseful experience that sticks with you long after watching. This riveting film is not to be missed.

Striking Visuals and a Haunting Score Set the Tone

The opening credits feature nude, obese women dancing in slow motion – a surreal and disturbing sight that lingers in your mind. Throughout the movie, director Tom Ford uses dramatic framing and lighting to create a sense of unease. Close-ups of the actors’ faces, especially their eyes, are frequently used to convey a feeling of raw emotion and vulnerability.

The score, created by Abel Korzeniowski, is minimal but chilling. Haunting piano melodies, ominous synthesizer sounds and sporadic bursts of strings build a lingering feeling of tension and dread. The music often continues between scenes, connecting them and maintaining the discomforting atmosphere.

Together, the visuals and score transport you into the sinister world of Nocturnal Animals. They creep into your psyche, putting you on edge in a way that complements the unsettling nature of the story. This movie seeps into your mind and stays with you long after watching, thanks in large part to the striking cinematography and haunting music. The combination of these elements results in a psychological thriller that is hard to forget.

Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal Deliver Powerful Performances

Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal are both powerhouse actors, and their performances in “Nocturnal Animals” are gripping.

As Susan, Amy Adams delivers a raw and poignant performance. She portrays Susan’s inner struggle with regret and longing over losing her first love with subtlety and nuance. Her pained expressions and faraway looks speak volumes, showing us the turmoil roiling beneath her polished veneer. When she’s confronted with the violent tale her ex-husband’s written, we see cracks forming in that veneer as she’s forced to face emotions she’s long buried.

Meanwhile, Jake Gyllenhaal deftly handles the dual roles of sensitive writer Tony and rugged cop Bobby Andes. As Tony, he’s vulnerable and earnest, conveying a depth of feeling for Susan that still lingers. In contrast, as the gruff Andes, his performance simmers with a quiet intensity and world-weariness that makes him utterly compelling.

The potent combination of Adams and Gyllenhaal, along with a moody, unsettling score, make “Nocturnal Animals” a taut psychological thriller that Hollywood rarely produces anymore. Their powerful performances are raw, nuanced, and haunting, staying with you long after the final credits roll. Director Tom Ford has crafted a stylish, resonant film that subverts expectations at every turn.

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