How to draw Pikachu

How to draw Pikachu

How to draw Pikachu Pokémon appears to have conquered the world! Since 1996, Pokemon has ruled media through computer games, television series, films, toys, and anything you can imagine. 

If you ask anybody what Pokémon rings a bell, many will promptly consider Pikachu. There are numerous notable Pokemon. However, the lovable Pikachu is the most conspicuous of all, filling in as the mascot for the whole series. 

Take a gander at the Wonderful drawing my Very COOL nephew made for me. He is so gifted. Assuming you are one of numerous Pikachu fans, you should figure out how to draw him, yet you don’t know where to begin. If you are looking for drawing ideas, cool drawings, cute drawings, drawing for kids, cartoon drawings, girl drawing, 3d drawing and many more, then you are at the right place, here you will get all of these drawings. landscape drawing

Stage 1:

To begin figuring out how to draw Pikachu, we will begin with its head. You can attract a circle light pencil as an aide if you need more direction. 

Then, we’ll begin his head utilizing three lines. The line at the highest point of her head will be somewhat bent, while the two on the sides will be a smidgen wavier. When it is the reference picture, we can continue toward stage 2!


Pikachu has unmistakable sharp ears, and we’ll add them for this subsequent stage in your Pikachu drawing. To include her ears, you can involve bent lines that end in a dab, as found in the photograph.

Stage 3:

Since you have your Pikachu configuration’s head and ears, you can begin adding its arms and body. Like the initial step, you can use a light pencil to draw an oval shape under his head to assist you with getting his body scale right.

Beginning with her arms, you can add a somewhat bent line underneath her head. Then, at that point, add a couple of specks to his fingers. You can then complete his arm with a different line down to his body. 

Whenever you’ve rehashed this step for his other arm, you can utilize two bent lines under his arms to deliver his body, as shown in the reference picture.

Stage 4:

For the following stage in our aide on the best way to draw Pikachu, you can add its feet. 

Pikachu’s feet are tiny and near his body, without any legs among them and his body. 

You can involve two bent lines for each foot of your Pikachu configuration, then, at that point, add a line for its lower body.

Stage 5:

Another part of Pikachu that makes him so notorious is his lightning bolt tail. This addresses that he has the force of power, and we will add him to your Pikachu plan now. 

Its rear power takes sports to get the figure precisely so you can rehearse on another piece stake before pulling on your Pikachu. It comprises a couple of straight and unpredictable lines to frame the state of its tail. 

Whenever you’ve added his tail, you can utilize two short lines close to the highest point of his ears because the tips of his ears will be an unexpected variety compared to his other ears.

Stage 6:

For this penultimate step of our aid on the most proficient method to draw Pikachu, we’ll add a face and a few last subtleties. For his eyes, he has two little circles very far separated all over. 

You can then attract a little circle every one to show a gleam in his eye. Its mouth comprises two bent lines, with a long shape underneath to show its mouth is open.

Stage 7:

With these last subtleties, you have effectively drawn Pikachu! Your Pikachu drawing isn’t exactly done at this point, and you can have a good time rejuvenating it with a couple of varieties. 

Pikachu is a brilliantly hued character, highlighting lively yellows, tans, and wonderful reds for his cheeks. We’ve shown you her commonplace shading in our image, so you can follow that for exactness or get imaginative with your variety of decisions. also read: How to draw Pikachu

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